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DC30U / 31U / 32U Digital Camera USB Driver
Windows 98 Windows ME
Windows 2000 Windows XP
Linux      read-me Mac      read-me

Download WinZip

Download Acrobat Reader

DC30U USB Driver -  for Windows 98, ME, 2000 :  dc1114xv.exe  (22/08/01)
DC30U USB Driver -  for Windows 98, ME, 2000 : AuraCAM30.exe (V1.00)  (27/02/02)

DC30U USB Driver -  for Windows XP : dc1200wq.exe (V2.00)  (27/02/02)
DC30U USB Driver -  for Windows XP : dc1201wq.exe (V2.01)  (20/08/02)

DC30U USB Driver -  for Macintosh :  3-in-1 camera.sit  (03/07/01) 


Digital Stills Camera Instruction Manual
model: DC30U
model: DC31U
model: DC32U

DC30U Digital Camera Installation Software Pack -

DC30U Digital Camera Installation Software Pack - AuraSee! V1.01 - (27/02/02) - 2.7M

AuraSee! (version 1.03) (17/06/02)

How to make our digital camera to be a Web-Cam

Try our Video Camera - (speech.asx) - (speech.avi)-

Frequency Asked Question

How to use iVisit - Link to a very good website that will help you get started with iVisit, our included video conferencing software.

Online Product Registration

Adobe Corporation

World leaders in image editing and publication software such as Photoshop, PhotoDeluxe, Pagemaker, Illustrator, and others.

FlipAlbum creates page flipping albums complete  with table of contents, thumbnails and indexes.

Digital Photos DataBase

Digital Photos DataBase is a powerful image database and image file viewer/ explorer integrated in one program.

Photo Vault

Photo Vault organizes your digital photographs and captions and allows you to e-mail pictures to friends and family members.

(Photo Vault is shareware and requires Microsoft Explorer 4 or 5, Windows 95/98 or NT)

Free Digital Camera Software

Auraland Electronics Ltd.

provide this page of links to FREE video conferencing, video capture, video editing and image editing and enhancement programs for those who want to get the most out of their DC-30U Digital Camera.
Disclaimer: We make no claims whatsoever about the suitability or quality of the programs presented here. This page is presented only as a comprehensive resource for our customers.

Mac Only
Windows Only
Linux Only
Cross Platform (Mac and Windows)

Cross-Platform Programs (Mac and Windows)
Video Conferencing
Program Name
Description and Link

FREE - Video conferencing program. Many people think its the best one. Chat with groups of people LIVE in rooms. Make your own room, password protect it and even kick people out of your room if they offend you.


FREE - Video conferencing program. Developed by Cornell University, CUSeeMe was the first internet video conferencing program. A little dated but may be worth a try.


FREE 30 day Trial. - Relatively new video conferencing client, but catching on fast. Has larger format video (320x240). Ability to see only one person at a time in chat rooms. Better for one-on-one chat. Has instant messaging feature

Video Capture and Editing
Quick Editor

FREE Trial - QuickEditor is a QuickTime video editor designed to perform common editing operations quickly and easily. It's a tool for creating small movies you can publish on your web page and digital family album.

Image Editing / Enhancement

Free Trial - Great Photo! can make dark photos lighter and dull photos brighter, while showing the difference in real time. You can compare multiple versions of the same image with different levels of alteration.


FREE Trial - Make your digital video and photos look professional. One-touch noise reduction, digital movie processing, crop, print, batch process, add special FX, red eye removal, excellent thumbnail browser.


FREE Trial - provides a huge collection of photo editing and retouching tools, plus a large assortment of enhancements and special effects with unlimited levels of modification

Quicktime 5.x

FREE Codecs and Player - QuickTime 5 (Mac and Win) is the latest version of Apple's complete technology for handling video, sound, animation, graphics, music, and even 360-degree virtual reality scenes.

Windows Only Programs
Video Conferencing

FREE 21 day Trial. - Windows only video conferencing product that features large format (320x240) video and instant messaging. No Chat rooms. Otherwise very similar to ISPQ.


FREE - from Microsoft. New Version 3 is included with Windows 2000. Best for one-on-one conversations. No group chat. Has additional features like limited remote control of another computer.

Video Capture and Editing

FREE - Zwei-Stein Video Editor is a free 256 track video editor and compositor. Up to 64 effects per track. Capture utilities included. Freeware. Requires DirectX 8 for Windows

Video Capturix

FREE 30 Day trial - Video Capturix 2000 is a video capture utility that lets you create AVI and BMP files from any video source. It works with any Microsoft Video-compatible device,

Personal AVI Editor

FREE Trial - Personal AVI Editor is an easy-to-use video capture and editing program. It can capture video and record audio from any Windows supported sound card.


FREE Trial - AVIedit is a handy video editor that allows you to join and split AVI files, extract frames, and more. Video can be captured in a number of ways, including a one-frame-per-minute (Web camera) option.

Capture Studio 4 Pro

FREE - Capture Studio Pro v4 is a free video capture application, for use with any WebCAM. You can also save individual frames via a timeline, and convert AVI files to other compression / video formats. Freeware

Evolvable EvoCapture 3.0

FREE - EvoCapture is a video capture software package that was designed to be easy to use and ready at a moment's notice. It provides image and video capture at any resolution that a video capture card supports. Freeware


FREE Trial - Record from any sound and video source straight onto your hard drive in real time. Still Frame Capture too. Can record direct to MPEG. Requires Direct X

muvee autoproducer 4

FREE Trial - The world's only smart automatic video editing software. Capture and create videos without the learning curve and hard work needed for traditional video editing.Requires Direct X

Image Editing / Enhancement
VCW VicMan's Photo Editor

FREE - an award-winning graphics editor, which has an attractive and intuitive skin-based interface and a lot of powerful features, such as: selection by color, lasso, replacement of colour, deleting of objects, unique primitivization mechanism (visual tolerance), which saves alot of time on operations with multicolored images, various paintbrushes and pencils, text, gradient etc... It works with more than 30(!) image formats. It has a rich set of special effects AND the possibility of the user creating others! Also you can edit in ANY scale with SIMULTANEOUS review of the entire picture and open several pictures at the same time.

Digital Camera Enhancer

FREE - Digital Camera Enhancer is a totally FREE program from MediaChance. Load your photo into Digital Camera Enhancer and watch it's do its magic. Be sure to see the other fine products published by MediaChance at:

SmartDraw Photo

FREE Beta Trial - SmartDraw Photo is a brand-new program from the makers of SmartDraw, the Internet's #1 drawing program. It has lots of high end features like the "BIG GUNS" of the graphics software industry, but is far easier to use.


FREE Trial - Correct digital camera or scanned photo images. Color Pilot is an invention which allows you to "play on colors" from a digital camera or scanned photo images.

PhotoExplorer Pro

FREE Trial - Complete solution for the digital photography enthusiast. Photo Explorer combines tools for acquiring, viewing, organizing, adjusting and sharing digital images and video clips.


FREE Trial - Photo Cleaner fixes most common problems with digital camera or scanned images with one click! Just drag and drop your image file into Photo Cleaner and click Result button.


FREE Trial - An award-winning picture viewer, graphic converter and digital image management tool. Gives you intuitive, professional-quality imaging tools to view, organize, enhance and print your images quickly.

DirectX 8.1

FREE - Required by several of the above programs, DirectX is the multimedia system foundation for the Windows® operating systems. Increases the Multimedia capabilities of a Windows system.

Mac Only Programs
Video Capture and Editing

FREE Trial - Video capture and editing programs for Macintosh. BTV lets you view and record video from any video input source, BTV Pro has all the features of BTV as well as many more, including movie editing.

Image Editing / Enhancement
Graphic Converter 4.1

FREE Trial - GraphicConverter is an all-purpose image editing program that can import 96 different graphic formats It has editing tools for graphic manipulation as well as the ability to use many Photoshop-compatible plug-ins.

Linux Only Programs

FREE  - gPhoto is a FREE, redistributable digital camera software application for Unix-like systems, written by Scott Fritzinger -- with assistance from developers around the world.


FREE  - The GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely distributed piece of software suitable for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring.

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